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So, a tiny bit about me:

Hi, I'm Alice. I'm a writer of stuff. I photograph things. My first novel, Grave Secrets, will be published by the wonderful guys at Rebellion in September 2020.

  • I'm a Goth who turned to the blonde side
  • I like cats
  • I make the best clam chowder this side of Boston
  • I dream of world peace
  • Has anyone seen my car keys?

My bio

Alice was born in Staffordshire, where she grew up reading novels and spending a lot of time with sheep. She was lucky enough to have a mother who was addicted to science fiction and a father who was fond of long country walks so she grew up with her head in the stars and her feet on the ground. After studying maths at university and training to be a Cobol programmer (!), she became a writer instead, working in academia and finance and finally in travel, which allowed her to develop her love of photography and become a member of London’s Royal Academy of Arts. She began writing novels to get the weird people in her head to go somewhere else. She likes whodunits, science fiction, fantasy and horror, and is a huge fan of graphic novels. She now lives in Oxfordshire with a fine selection of cats, fulfilling her teenage gothic fantasies by moving into a converted chapel with an ancient spiral staircase – and gravestones in the garden. She likes reading, travelling, cooking and yoga. Alice writes roleplaying scenarios in her spare time; her poor PCs have recently been forced to play American frontier sharpshooters battling aliens and vampires (though not at the same time) and medieval French monks fending off demons and the envoys of Lucifer. Her go-to comfort dish is a big plate of dumplings, her number one cocktail is a Manhattan and her favourite polygon is a triangle, though she has a soft spot for concave rhomboids.

My Books

Grave Secrets

The Lavington Windsor mysteries Book 1

Agatha Raisin meets Sookie Stackhouse, with croquet and zombies.

Toni Windsor is trying to live a quiet life in the green and pleasant county of Staffordshire. She’d love to finally master the rules of croquet, acquire a decent boyfriend and make some commission as an estate agent. All that might have to wait, though, because there are zombies rising from their graves, vampires sneaking out of their coffins and a murder to solve. And it’s all made rather more complicated by the fact that she’s the one raising all the zombies. Oh, and she’s dating one of the vampires too. It can’t be the best decision she’s ever made, but he’s so pretty. Really, what’s a girl meant to do?

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You can contact my wonderful agent Simon Kavanagh at the Mic Cheetham literary agency.


You can contact my amazing editor Kate Coe at Rebellion.